Two great ways to partner - both make financial sense for your business!

1) Forget coverage. Focus on your business!

Selling complete in-house coverage is a great way to win business, but a poor way to make money.


With Court Connect, Wholesalers are empowered to win national business, without the financial risks associated with staffing build-out, or spending time and money to manage hundreds of independent contractors.

Strategically rightsize your in-house coverage over time - invest your “green” in counties that make the most sense as you grow.


Allow Court Connect’s Marketplace of court researchers to support your gaps - do so stress free, because timing and accuracy controls are included. Position your company for controlled sustainable growth!

2) Become a Court Connect Affiliate to establish a new revenue stream at $0 cost!


Contribute some or all of your researchers to Court Connect’s Marketplace, to better leverage your assets. Court Connect’s business model was designed with you in mind - you set your price, your service areas, and your maximum work load by researcher.


Open this new revenue spigot a little at first, to get a feel for how Court Connect can complement your business, then set it to fully open to experience the full benefits of being a Court Connect Affiliate.

Participation in the Affiliate Program is easy and free!