Marketplace Access


Matches your important county searches with an ever-growing number of court researchers that are equipped with the latest technologies - that, along with other features+, ensure timeliness, accuracy, and PII protection.

Four ways to benefit your bottom line: 1) set your max price for researcher fees, 2) Court Connect’s order service fee is competitive to existing order management fees and it is fixed, regardless of county, which allows you to budget, 3) avoid service level agreement penalties by delivering quality and timely service, and 4) significantly reduce your administrative time spend and costs related to managing dozens of vendors.

Control Your Service Control Your Budget Control Your Success


An ideal solution for you if…


as a Retailer,

  • your existing outsourcing options are not viable for a given order or county

  • you have concerns about the quality controls that may/may not be in place with your existing outsourcing options

  • you find it difficult to budget for wide-ranging fees across vendors

  • your team spends time managing contracts and performance for more than a few vendors

as a Wholesaler,

  • you have a gap in coverage for a given order

  • you wish to perform quality checks on your field

  • you miss-out on business, despite delivering the best practice+, due to existing shortcomings with in-person checks

  • you wish to bolster your service coverage without the sunk costs required to expand your field footprint

  • you wish to better your bottom line by utilizing a marketplace with fair, but competitive pricing


A business suite designed to accommodate various programs - set it and forget it, or actively manage.


Sign-up is easy, fast, and free!

step 1: Register, then setup your account +

step 2: Create an Order Service Profile +

step 3: Submit your first order +




Retailers & Wholesalers benefit from having access to the largest collection of Court Researchers - researchers performing in-person checks managed by the latest technologies!



You Submit

Online form, file upload, or setup an API, to submit your orders.


We Match

Using your Order Service Profile, we find the ideal court researcher to support your order.


Order Processed

Smart mobile device uses the Court Connect researcher application, which includes GPS tools, picture capture, and thoughtful procedures, to produce unmatched quality and speed.


You Receive

Receive completed orders within the Court Connect partner business suite, or through an API.