Quality Focused

Quality can mean many things, but for us it is simple - we must ensure the delivery of a timely and reliable record check, on behalf of our customers, every single time.




  • Turn-around-time management: Real-time researcher information (e.g. price, capacity, performance, and availability) is used in our fulfillment monitoring process+, which governs our initial order matching, and our timing threshold management.

  • On-site Record Check Assurance: Our application leverages technologies from world class providers of GPS controls, and of picture capture tools - they combined, along with our proprietary software controls, provide our customers the assurance that their important record check took place.



  • Business Rules: Some orders require a look back farther than seven years - we make it clear to the researcher as to how far back to look. We maintain a performance rating+ on each researcher, that impacts the priority in which orders are assigned to them - thus, rewarding high performance.

  • Accuracy: Having researchers take a picture of the results screen, for every order, encourages desired behavior, and allows us to provide our customers with the confidence that a proper search was performed. Capturing pictures of the case list screen(s) and relevant case detail screen(s), further provides our customers with assurance that their record search was performed properly - a great feature included with standard service. As we grow, we intend to add Additional Features+ to further equip our customers with service that they can count on.



  • Other solutions may result in PII+ that can be found on print outs or unsecured emails that are not conducive to privacy protocols.

  • Our application exposes PII+, to the researcher, only when they are at the applicable court house - thus, leaving no concerning trails on paper, fax, email, or computer files. We keep everything in our controlled environment in pursuit of the best available PII protection!