Your budget matters



  • Is it easy to budget with fees that vary by provider?

  • Is it cost effective to manage service levels and contracts, for hundreds of wholesalers?

  • Are you in control of the service experience that you are able to deliver your customers?


  • Does your order management process matter, if you do not have available researchers?

  • Is your order management process winning you business? (or is it your network/coverage that closes deals?)

  • Is staffing to potential peak volumes the right answer for your business?


A True Marketplace, Driven By Supply & Demand

Both Retailers and Wholesalers benefit from a properly functioning marketplace - a marketplace designed to ensure that its host does not influence pricing dynamics.


Court Connect’s service fee+ sits atop an order’s Demand and Supply transaction+, which accounts for the researcher fee+. 100% of the researcher fee is passed-through to Court Connect affiliates or Court Connect Direct Researchers, thus reiterating our position as a Trusted Partner.

Court Connect’s service fee is a contracted and consistent fee - that when combined with a max researcher fee+, set by customers participating in the Marketplace Access module, allows for effective cost of service forecasting!

The establishment of a fair and effective marketplace expects to provide unmatched service capabilities, while smoothing-out pricing - thus benefiting both the Demand and the Supply sides of the industry, in a sustainable and meaningful way!