A Trusted Partner, Here To Support


As a software and process engineering company, with background screening expertise, we are excited to become a Trusted Partner to background check Retailers and Wholesalers alike. Our service model is new and unique to the industry, so we are transparent about our role in the county criminal record check fulfillment chain.

Our goal is to enable our partners to provide retail customers with the best practice+ of in-person searches - we do this by ensuring that our model is fair, effective, and financially viable for our partners. Accordingly, every aspect of our service model works to ensure that our partners, Retailers and Wholesalers, grow revenue and better their bottom line - all while providing the best possible service for their customers!


Affiliates are integral to our service model, thus:

  • they keep 100% of the researcher fee they assign an order

  • we will never undercut their pricing in a competitive service area +

  • we will never recruit their researchers or make their researchers data public +

    see our Affiliate Program for registration info


We are not a human capital company, and we have no intention of becoming such. Thus, delivery of great service to the “demand” side of our marketplace, requires affiliates that have an existing network of court researchers, to support the “supply”. However, creating and maintaining competitive service areas+ is fundamental to the service we provide through our Marketplace Access module. So, for counties that are not a competitive service area, Court Connect shall actively source/recruit new court researchers (Direct Researchers+), in an effort to provide extensive coverage across the country.

We take the responsibility of being a Trusted Partner very seriously, and we look forward to the opportunity to earn the trust of background check companies that are ready to let us support their growth!