Researcher Fee, and Related Terms:

A variable amount, not to exceed the “max researcher fee” associated with the order, that is ultimately informed by the “fulfillment fee” associated to the researcher that processes the order (e.g. if the Order Service Profile, for an order, has a “max researcher fee” of $2.00, and the processing researcher’s Order Fulfillment Profile, for the related county, has a “fulfillment fee” of $1.75, the order shall be processed with a researcher fee of $1.75).

Affiliated Researcher = a court researcher processing orders on behalf of a Court Connect partner that registered in the Affiliate Program

Direct Researcher = a court researcher processing orders absent of any affiliation; they are contracted directly with Court Connect

note 1: Researcher fees are paid anonymously to a Court Connect affiliate or a Court Connect Direct Researcher.

note 2: Let it be known that Direct Researchers set their own price, and that Court Connect does not collect any portion of the researcher fee relating to the transaction - this preserves proper market dynamics and aligns with Court Connect’s commitment to be a Trusted Partner.