Marketplace Access Setup:

step 2: Create an Order Service Profile (OSP), and enjoy full control over your servicing costs!

  • an OSP governs the pricing and quality control settings for all of your submitted orders, in that service area; order-level details such as business rules are order specific and shall be set at time of order submission

  • setting-up an OSP is quick and easy:

    • choose a service area (country, state, or county)

    • set the maximum price you are willing to pay for that service area

    • choose the quality control features that you wish to apply for that service area

  • initially, you will setup a country-level OSP - this ensures that we can effectively support any U.S. order you submit

  • financially optimize your program by setting state-level OSPs

  • further financially optimize by setting county-level OSPs

  • change the max price point, for any OSP, as often as you wish

  • choose whether or not to deactivate an OSP at any time (excludes country-level, which must be active at all times)

    note 1: the “most local” OSP shall govern an order (e.g. You setup an OSP for a specific county; thus orders for that county shall be processed in accordance to the county-level OSP regardless of any over-arching country or state OSPs you may have established)

    note 2: why you may wish to adjust your max price point: as your max price point increases, so does your access to researchers (service capacity), thus reducing turn-around-time for an order (e.g. Your OSP max price point is set to $1.75, which may buy you 75% probability that your order will be completed within 2 business days vs. a max price point set to $2.00, which may buy you a 95% probability that your order will be completed within 2 business days)