In-person Checks are the Best Practice for County Criminal Record Checks

Instant checks are flawed:

  • Private database usage:

    • relying on a third party’s collation of data, that is sold to private industry, results in data that is inherently “out of date” – with some data having not been refreshed for weeks.

    • some companies further corrupt findings for operational efficiencies (e.g. they may perform a search against only active zip codes, thereby missing records associated to a zip code that no longer exists)

  • State database usage (law enforcement use only):

    • law enforcement’s relied-upon databases are notoriously incomplete – even states that have invested in state-wide databases are reliant on counties/municipalities that are not incentivized/motivated to “push” their data “uphill”.

In-person checks are the best source for current and official records:

  • real time dispositions are maintained locally

  • access is to source data instead of potentially incomplete or corrupt data